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Our history is short but full of lessons to share. Let us lead you through the succession of events that brought us here.

The Loop Company was born in 2016 to relieve families of the heavy burden they had on the start of their children’s school year. With Book in Loop, we have been able to save 80 percent of the family budget for school textbooks and prove that the circular economy can have great adoption, being resource efficient, and sustainable both financially and for the environment.

We received the first venture impact investment in Portugal and with the experience gained in our first product, we grew in three different areas: circular economy, social innovation and technology.

With the success of the Book in Loop, we realized that the circular economy was a great opportunity, opened in front of us and we launched BabyLoop in 2019, an e-commerce store that allows you to sell and buy baby stollers and other childcare equipment with all the guarantees your baby deserves.

From the social and sustainability concerns that led us to launch Book in Loop and BabyLoop, we joined the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and launched UniLoop, a program of health and sustainability benefits for university students, based on the concepts of behavioral economics.

Thanks to the technological solutions we have developed to meet the challenges of circular economy and social innovation, we have built a team with technical skills in software and hardware that is now incubated in the European Space Agency program and provides services to multinational companies to meet the challenges of disruption on traditional markets.

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Já não usa o carrinho de bebé do seu filho? Eles vendem-no por si, sem ter de sair de casa

Uma nova plataforma portuguesa permite a compra e venda de cadeiras, carrinhos e berços online com garantia de qualidade.

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Carolina Patrocínio lança plataforma para vender produtos de bebé em segunda mão

A Babyloop pretende ajudar as famílias a recuperarem parte do dinheiro que investiram durante o período pós-parto.

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Baby Loop quer reduzir 80% da despesa das famílias com equipamentos de bebé

A ‘startup’ cujo negócio começou por ser a compra e venda de livros escolares usados investiu num novo mercado relacionado com a economia circular: o da puericultura.

In 2016 we were only three, and our history is created by the succession of people who have entered the loop and built the company we are today.